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Louis Siu
Timbre Vessels
Parts of an old xylophone, vibraphone, steel, wood, recycled materials

Wind chimes are musical instruments that turn the kinetic force of nature into pleasant sounds. Timbre Vessels features a series of suspended tubes, deconstructed from an old xylophone and a vibraphone, providing an ever-changing blend of sounds, which draw attention to the vital energy of nature. The mesmerising sound sculpture evokes the movement and flow of ships at sea.

The artist would like to specially acknowledge Phoebe Hui for her contribution at the development stage.

Artist Biography

Louis Siu is an artist-curator. He has degrees from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. He is the Artistic Director of Toolbox Percussion. His boundary-pushing performance works and installation pieces blend music, visual art and community engagement. He remains committed to reimagining the potential of the arts to bring diverse communities together and amplify previously unheard voices through cultural exchange, pioneering new forms of socially engaged music and sound art.