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Curator's Message

Stepping into a new era of Oi!'s new extension, we may want to examine what creativity really means collectively with the public. This is where the core theme of "Digital Muse" emerges. With new digital media involved, artworks have reached an unprecedented stage of opening up a new field of imagination and creativity. This provides a great opportunity to stretch our minds. All variations of ideas, unconscious surprises, and dreamlike visual languages can now be fully expressed. Artists are empowered to create new visual impacts, resulting in long-lasting memories in the minds of their audience, eventually triggering their own reflections.

"Digital Muse" invited six multidisciplinary artists, Kachi Chan, Joey Leung, Erkka Nissinen, Adrian Yu (with Garson Yu) and Ng Tsz-kwan to look into the possibilities of enhancing our senses by creating a new digital urban landscape. This digital collective art installation allows the general public to experience a new genre in an immersive journey. While some will enjoy the visual delight, others might dig deeper and find multiple meanings in the artworks.

For more information, please click the images below:

project01project01 - Mobile


Kachi Chan

project02project02 - Mobile

Mercurial Lines

Joey Leung

project03project03 - Mobile

Nearly Real-time Digital Greenhouse

Ng Tsz-kwan

project04project04 - Mobile

The Spectator

Erkka Nissinen

project05project05 - Mobile

Tumultuous Dreams of Modern Living

Adrian Yu & Garson Yu